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Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Olympic Gold Medalists


Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have been ice dancing together for the past 20 years. Virtue and Moir are known for their legendary elegance, athleticism and innovation, and their unparalleled unison. They are enthusiastic ambassadors for the sport of figure skating.  

At the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, Tessa and Scott were not only the first ice dancers from North America to win the Olympic gold medal, but they were also the first ice dance team to win on home ice, the first to win gold in their Olympic debut, and the youngest pair to win.  At the 2014 Winter Olympics, they won silver medals in ice dancing and in the team event.  Additionally, they were world champions in 2010, 2012, and 2017. Tessa and Scott are the most decorated Canadian ice dance team of all time.

Having taken two years off following the Olympics in Sochi, the two made a successful comeback to the competitive realm. They are thrilled to be representing Canada on the international stage, and look forward to adding to their artistic repertoire and pushing the physical and creative envelope of their sport.  

Participating in Stars on Ice is a welcome treat for the pair, as they love to skate for Canadian audiences and engage with their Stars on Ice family.



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2018 Tour

Competitive Results

Canadian Championships 1st 2018
Grand Prix Final 2nd 2017
NHK Trophy 1st 2017
Skate Canada 1st 2017
Autumn Classic 1st 2017
World Championships 1st 2017
Four Continents Championship 1st 2017
Canadian Championships 1st 2017
Grand Prix Final 1st 2016
NHK Trophy 1st 2016
Skate Canada 1st 2016
Autumn Classic 1st 2016
Winter Olympics 2nd 2014
Winter Olympics Team Event 2nd 2014
Canadian Championships 1st 2014
World Championships 2nd 2013
Four Continents 2nd 2013
Canadian Championships 1st 2013
Grand Prix Final 2nd 2012
Skate Canada International 1st 2012
Cup of Russia Grand Prix 1st 2012
World Championships 1st 2012
Four Continents 1st 2012
Canadian Championships 1st 2012
Trophee Eric Bompard 1st 2011
Skate Canada International 1st 2011
Finlandia Trophy 1st 2011
World Championships 2nd 2011
Olympic Winter Games 1st 2010
World Championships 1st 2010
Canadian Championships 1st 2010
Grand Prix Final 2nd 2009
Skate Canada International 1st 2009
Trophee Eric Bombard 1st 2009
World Championships 3rd 2009
Four Continents Championships 2nd 2009
Canadian Championships 1st 2009
World Championships 2nd 2008
Four Continents Championships 1st 2008
Canadian Championships 1st 2008
Grand Prix Final 4th 2007
Skate Canada International 1st 2007
NHK Trophy 2nd 2007
World Championships 6th 2007
Four Continents Championships 3rd 2007
Canadian Championships 2nd 2007


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