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Patrick Chan Olympic Silver Medalist


 Patrick Chan is considered the best men’s figure skater in the world. His incredible combination of athleticism, technical skills and artistry are hard to match. After a flawless 2011-12 season, capped with his second World Championship, Patrick continued to capture the figure skating world winning a third consecutive World Championship title in 2013.

Patrick is a two-time Olympic Silver medalist, nine-time National Champion, and three-time World Champion. In his return to competition this season, Patrick won his first event of the year at Skate Canada International; successfully reclaimed his title as Canada’s National Champion; and displayed tremendous resilience with a come-from-behind victory at Four Continents.

Chan may be at the peak of his sport, but in his own mind he is still “in the foothills of Everest,” and continues to plot a step-by-step assault on the summit. And it is this methodical approach that he will be taking forward, as he focuses not on the opposition but purely on his own performance. “My only opponent is myself. If I skate like I know I can, like I do in training, like I’ve planned, then nobody will be able to beat me.” A scientific strategy allied with sheer artistic talent are a potent combination, and one that means Chan has every chance of becoming the first ever Canadian man to win an Olympic figure skating Gold.



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Competitive Results

Canadian Championships 1st 2018
Skate Canada 4th 2017
World Championships 5th 2017
Four Continents Championship 4th 2017
Canadian Championships 1st 2017
Grand Prix Final 5th 2016
Cup of China 1st 2016
Skate Canada 1st 2016
Finlandia Trophy 2nd 2016
World Championships 5th 2016
Canadian Championships 1st 2016
Grand Prix Final 4th 2015
Skate Canada 1st 2015
Winter Olympics 2nd 2014
Winter Olympics Team Event 2nd 2014
Canadian Championships 1st 2014
World Championships 1st 2013
Canadian Championships 1st 2013
Senior Grand Prix 3rd 2012
Rostelecom Cup 1st 2012
Skate Canada International 2nd 2012
World Championships 1st 2012
Canadian Championships 1st 2012
Grand Prix Final 1st 2011
Trophée Eric Bompard 1st 2011
Skate Canada International 1st 2011
World Championships 1st 2011
BMO Canadian Championships 1st 2011
Skate Canada International 1st 2010
Cup of Russia 2nd 2010
Olympic Winter Games 5th 2010
World Championships 2nd 2010
BMO Canadian Championships 1st 2010
Skate Canada International 6th 2009
World Team Trophy 4th 2009
Four Continents 1st 2009
World Championships 2nd 2009
Canadians 1st 2009
Worlds Championships 9th 2009
JGP/SGP Final 5th 2008
Skate Canada International 1st 2008
SGP Eric Bompard 1st 2008
SGP Eric Bompard 1st 2008
Canadians 2nd 2008
SGP Final 5th 2007
SGP - Eric Bompard 1st 2007
SGP - Skate America 3rd 2007


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