By #BGReviewer

Stars on Ice 2017 at Budweiser Gardens was a huge success. It was well attended. Unfortunately, Elvis Stojko was unable to take part in this year’s event due to injury. We wish him well as he recovers and do look forward to him skating again soon.

This event was a magical evening filled with lights, music, and tons of skating. Whether it was Canadian Champion Kaetlyn Osmond skating to Hallelujah or Kurt Brownings’ backflip, the skating made this an enjoyable event for one and all whether you were young or just young at heart.

For myself as a former figure skater, it was great to be at the event because it will have been my first time at such an event since I was young. Stars on Ice definitely brought it’s "A game" especially with its list of skaters. Each skater brought his or her own talent onto the rink this evening. Being able to watch from the sidelines was great but it made me miss my own days on the ice.

In between some routines, the videoboards showcased coaching stories. I really enjoyed listening to these stories because I know personally coaches had a huge effect on me while I had spent some of my younger years on the ice. It was great seeing some of my favorite skaters such as Kurt Browning, Tessa Virtue, and Patrick Chan. I do admit it was disappointing not to see Elvis Stojko but I understand why he was unable to take part.

It definitely appeared as if those who attended had a great time but what made it an even sweeter event was the free chocolate handed out by Lindt during the intermission. 

A highlight for many was the short-dance performance by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. This was their routine that broke the world record earlier this year and led them to their third world championship title. It was a beatiful moment for the pair, the song Purple Rain by Prince fit in perfectly with their flawless skating. The crowd errupted in cheers at the end of the performance, as was expected for the hometown favourites.

Kurt Browning and Patrick Chan also impressed during their performances. Kurt definitely still has it, as he had the crowd going near the end of the show with his dancing, back-flipping and overall joyous personality.  

I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity to attend. Thank you to Budweiser Gardens and everyone who took part in making this year’s Stars on Ice. Watching the excitement among the crowd, it just made you feel like you wanted to dance, dance, dance.  It was also great to see how the skaters were interacting with the crowd to help build up the excitement.

Tessa, Scott, Kurt, Patrick, Kaetlyn, Meagan, Eric, and Jeffrey all gave the best performances of their lives at tonight's Stars on Ice event. You can tell just how much hard work they had put into tonight. Special thanks to their coaches who pushed them to be the very best on ice.