Three-time Olympic medalist, two-time World Champion and seven-time Canadian Champion Meagan Duhamel is excited to be partnering up with Canadian Champion Dylan Moscovitch for the 2021 Stars on Ice Tour. When Meagan’s skating partner, Eric Radford, decided to return to competition, Meagan knew skating for the fans was still something she wanted to do. Meagan reached out to Dylan and they quickly agreed to form this new partnership. They are both thrilled to be showcasing their combined talent and to entertain audiences across the country.

At the conclusion of the 2019 Stars on Ice Canada tour, Duhamel was already four months pregnant and ready for nesting. Being a mother had always been part of her life plan. She and her husband Bruno Marcotte, who was also her pair’s coach, moved to Burlington, Ontario so they could be closer to her family and coach their teams in Oakville, Ontario.

“Bruno and I are excited to embark on this journey,” said Duhamel, who gave birth to daughter Zoey in October 2019. “Being close to my parents, my sister and her kids, that’s important. There’s no big pairs training center in Ontario, so we felt that’s a really good place to build up a pairs program. I really love coaching, and I’m looking forward to doing more of it in the future and going to competitions with our skaters.”

Due to the lockdown of the global pandemic in March 2020, Meagan began to offer zoom classes for off-ice training at the request of numerous coaches and skaters. She found she enjoyed the creative process of new movements and new ways to get bodies strong.

In the fall of 2020, Meagan competed in the reality TV show Battle of the Blades with former NHL hockey player Wooten Wolski. They were crowned champions of the competition and donated the $50,000 award to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, a charity that buys equipment for NiCUs across Canada.

Duhamel’s off-ice passion is health and nutrition since becoming a vegan in 2008. She has studied holistic/naturopathic health and become a certified holistic nutritionist. A long-term goal is to open a vegan café and hold nutrition workshops and classes. She is already working with her skaters on nutritional guidance as part of their off-ice training program.

“I want to increase my work in the nutritional field, particularly with athletes, but other people as well,” said Duhamel. “I understand everybody needs something different in their lives and in their bodies. It’s very individualistic. I love the idea of figuring out nutritionally what’s going to make you feel the best.”

Dylan Moscovitch is from Toronto and began skating at the early age of just 13 months. Dylan began pair skating in June 2003, partnering with his sister Kyra. After Kyra retired in 2008, Dylan partnered with Kirsten Moore-Towers. In 2011, the team won the Canadian Champion title crown. Moscovitch went on to compete and perform in shows and tours with Liubov Ilyushechkina.

During his time in competitive skating, he represented Canada for 18 years and won every national title from pre-novice to senior. He was most notably recognized by his silver medal in 2014 at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Since his retirement in 2018, Dylan has kept busy on many fronts as he has transitioned his focus towards acting (roles on Netflix's Spinning Out and Amazon Prime’s The Boys), hosting (commentator for CBC and co-host of CBC Sports’ That Figure Skating Show), modelling, and coaching figure skating (CBC’s Battle Of The Blades) and power skating, as well as screenwriting. A new endeavour that Dylan is embarking on is a wellness/mindset coaching course which he aims to use to help competitive athletes find more balance and inner peace while competing, in addition to developing programs to help athletes transition out of sport. Dylan has also become an outspoken activist in support of LGBTQ2 and BIPOC rights, animal rights and environmental issues.

The 2021 Stars on Ice tour marks the return to touring for both Duhamel and Moscovitch.

You can follow their journey into the future on Twitter and Instagram. Duhamel is @mhjd_85 and meaganduhamel, and Moscovitch is @DylanMoscovitch and Dylan.Moscovitch.

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