New for 2024, fans had the opportunity to enter the venue early to watch the skaters warm-up on the ice from specially-marked sections of seats, followed by a group Q&A session with Olympic and World Medalists ELVIS STOJKO and SATOKO MIYAHARA!* The skater warm-ups began 3½ hours prior to show time, with the Q&A following at approximately 1½ hours prior to show time. The Preshow Stargazer sessions ended approximately 1 hour prior to the show. 

* Q&A session skaters subject to change.

Was a Preshow Stargazer session held in my city?

Preshow Stargazer sessions were held BEFORE all shows for the 2024 Stars on Ice Spring tour.

When was the Preshow Stargazer session be held?

The Preshow Stargazer session began 3½ hours hours prior to each show performance. 

How long was the Preshow Stargazer session?

The average length of time for the Preshow Stargazer session was 2½ hours.

Was a ticket to the show required along with a Preshow Stargazer pass?

Yes, a ticket to the show was required for all Preshow Stargazer attendees. Each Preshow Stargazer attendee was required to have a ticket and a Preshow Stargazer pass.

Was there a cost for a Preshow Stargazer pass?

Yes, the cost of a Preshow Stargazer pass was $25 per person IN ADDITION TO A SHOW TICKET. Returns, exchanges, or transfers of Preshow Stargazer passes was not permitted.

How were Preshow Stargazer passes purchased?

Stargazer passes were purchased the same way tickets were purchased, through the official ticket agency. When purchasing a show ticket, there was an option to purchase an add-on Stargazer pass. Once the show ticket and Stargazer pass had been purchased, both tickets were sent electronically. The tickets were scanned at the venue entrance upon arrival for the Preshow Stargazer session.

May I watch the skater warm-ups and Q&A from my show ticket seats?

No, you will be directed to sit in a specific location of seats for the Stargazer session. At the end of the Stargazer, you are welcome to move to your ticketed seats, or visit the concourse to shop for Stars on Ice merchandise or concessions.

Can children attend the Preshow Stargazer session?

Yes, all ages may attend the Preshow Stargazer session, however, children under 14 years of age must attend with an adult. Both child and adult must have a show ticket and a Preshow Stargazer pass to attend the Preshow Stargazer session. There is a limit of four children per adult.

Can cameras be brought into the Preshow Stargazer session?

Non-professional cameras are permitted into the Preshow Stargazer session for taking still photographs only. Video recording is not permitted. Facetime, Skype and any other means of communication with people not attending the Preshow Stargazer session is prohibited.

How does a Stargazer pass differ from a Meet & Greet pass?

A Stargazer pass provides early PRESHOW access to the venue to watch the skaters warm up on the ice, followed by a group Q&A with two of the cast members.
A Meet & Greet pass provides access to the POSTSHOW Meet & Greet attended by all skaters, offering the opportunity to chat personally and take selfies with the cast in a more intimate setting. Click here for more Meet & Greet pass information.

I have another Stargazer question, where can I find the answer?

You may email us at [email protected] with any additional questions you may have.