Born and raised in Bowling Green, Ohio, Alissa has been skating since she was eighteen months old and cannot remember a time when she didn’t love skating. Her passion for the sport culminated in two U.S. National Championship titles and a win at the Grand Prix Final Championship - one of only four American women to ever win the event. Alissa is also a two-time U.S. National Collegiate Champion. She attended Bowling Green State University full time and graduated summa cum laude while also competing and training at the top levels of the sport. Additionally, Alissa is a two-time U.S. Professional Open champion and hopes to participate in more professional figure skating competitions in the future.

After leaving the competitive world of skating due to two consecutive hip surgeries and undergoing a third hip surgery several years later, Alissa is thrilled to be back performing and skating again. She has been passionate about returning to the ice and is an avid encourager to those who suffer setbacks in their own figure skating careers. Her tenacity throughout her career earned her a spot on the Detroit/Chrysler Super Bowl commercial and subsequent “Perseverance” video.

Alissa spends much of her time sharing her knowledge of and passion for figure skating with the current and next generations of skaters. She coaches full time, specializing in spins, and participates in seminars around the world, passing along her expertise and experience in figure skating to others.

Most recently, Alissa and Kurt Browning were married in an August 2022 ceremony and will be touring together in the 2023 Stars on Ice tour.

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